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HKT48 Sings My Little Pony's Japanese Ending Theme

AKB48's sister idol group HKT48 are contributing their "Kataomoi no Karaage (Amakuchi Hime)" (One-Sided Love's Fried Chicken/Sweet Princess) as the ending theme song for the Japanese dub of Hasbro's animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The song is on "Suki! Suki! Skip!" — HKT48's debut CD single which just went on sale on Wednesday.

The group appeared at the anime’s premiere as secret guests and performed the song. The members also watched the anime at the premiere, and Miyawaki Sakura said, “Though I’m a high school girl, I still enjoyed the anime. I hope the viewers find their favorite pony through this anime.”

The show's cast includes Suzuko Mimori (Pinkie Pie), Sora Tokui (Applejack), Mikoi Sasaki (Rarity), Izumi Kitta (Rainbow Dash), Miyuki Sawashiro (Twilight Sparkle), Emiri Katō (Fluttershy), Motoko Kumai (Spike), and Kikuko Inoue (Equestria Celestia). Mimori is contributing the opening theme song "Mirai Start" (Future Start).

In addition, the official TV Tokyo website for the show revealed that voice actress of the show's Pinkie Pie, Mimori Suzuko (Btooom!'s Himiko) will perform the show's opening theme song, "Mirai Start" (Future Start), which is the second track from her debut single "Aitai yo... Aitai yo!" (I Want To See You... I Want To See You!) that will be released on April 3.

My Little Pony ~Tomodachi wa Mahō~ will begin airing in Japan on April 2.

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I love MLP, it's so cute.
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