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Details on AKB48’s “the 5th Senbatsu General Election” revealed!

It was announced that popular idol group AKB48 will be holding their annual “Senbatsu General Election” at Nissan Stadium on June 8! This year’s election will be held during the “AKB48 Super Festival” which was announced in January.

The “Super Festival” will be titled “AKB48 Super Festival ~Nissan Stadium, Chicchee! Chicchakunaishi!!~“, and it will consist of 2 parts. The first part will be a live concert which all AKB48 groups appear (will begin at 3:00 pm), and the second part will be the event for the results of the vote count (will begin at 5:30 pm).

This general election is to decide the participating members for their 32nd single (to be released in August) by the fans’ votes, and this will be the 5th year for the election to be held. The first election was held at Akasaka BLITZ, and the second to fourth elections were held at Nippon Budokan, thus this will be the first time for the election to be held at Nissan Stadium which is an open-air venue.

Not only the venue, but there will also be some differences in the previous years. Though all the members automatically participated in the election until last year, this year’s election will be “candidacy system.”

The members who have the right to stand as a candidate are…
(1) The members in AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48 (as of March 31)
(2) Former AKB48 members who transferred to the sister groups in overseas (Takajo Aki, Nakagawa Haruka, Suzuki Mariya, Miyazawa Sae)
(3) Graduated members who have been the member of AKB groups more than 4 years

Same as the previous years, 64 members will be elected for the 32nd single. Details are as follows.
(1) #1~#16 = 32nd single Senbatsu members
(2) #17-#32 = Under Girls
(3) #33-#48 = Next Girls
(4) #49-#64 = Future Girls

The reception desk period for the candidacy will be from March 31 at 12:00 pm ~ April 7 at 12:00 am. The members who are willing to run as a candidate need to submit a written notice to the election executive committee which is set in each theater.

The fans who can vote for the election will include those who purchase AKB48’s 31st single (currently untitled) which will go on sale on May 22, fan club members, mobile members, and so on. The time to vote for the election will be during May 21 at 10:00 am ~ June 7 at 3:00 pm (JST).

We will update the list of the candidates when it’s revealed!


Graduated members who could join:
AKB: Urano Kazumi, Sato Yukari, Hirajima Natsumi, Maeda Atsuko, Itano Tomomi, Ohori Megumi, Noro Kayo, Ono Erena, Oku Manami, Satou Natsuki, Masuda Yuka, Kasai Tomomi, Yonezawa Rumi, Nakaya Sayaka, Kohara Haruka, Nito Moeno,
SKE: Hiramatsu Kanako, Kuwabara Mizuki, Yagami Kumi, Hirata Rikako, Takada Shiori, Hata Sawako, Ogiso Shiori, Akaeda Ririna
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