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HSJ's Inoo Kei Graduates from Meiji University

He graduated same day as Nakamaru, though I don't know why JE didn't let his grad get reported when his entrance ceremony was covered by news. But this is a freaking big deal, so here's an Inoo Kei appreciation post, with the interviews that covered his thesis and graduation:

On March 26, Hey! Say! Jump member Inoo Kei (22) finally graduated from Meiji University, Department of Architecture, School of Science and Technology. This comes after 4 years since entering the university in 2009.


At this point of time (interview was in mid Feb), on the university’s side it’s about 99% that the graduation is affirmative, If I didn’t calculate my credits wrongly (laugh) Though I often say that the graduation thesis is a hassle, when I looked back, the first, second and third years were tougher. There were tons of lectures and there were also tons of submissions. The lectures on design and Mechanics were tough. Of course I was able to gain knowledge about architecture, but the thing that I felt the most was meeting various types of people. I’ve made tons of friends ne. Though I say that, with barely any time to play, it was mostly report writing and studying for tests with my friends. For the lab, I went to the site of the Tohoku disaster area, and I stayed in the temporary housing, and listening to the stories of the victims were indelible in my heart. When the elementary students saw me they went, “It’s someone from JUMP!” and smiled. That somehow made me happy. My friends would go, “You are indeed a Johnny. That’s good~ getting reaction from girls like that” (laugh)

When I entered my fourth year, I thought I’d get some leeway, but the biggest obstacle was the clash of my graduation thesis and the 3 months performance of Johnnys World. At first I was told it was only for 2 months, and I’d use the last month to write my thesis, but after that they decided to add one more month to it. The 2 days after the last day of Johnnys World is the date of my submission, that with my Mechanics exam and the conferences and etc… that was the kind of schedule that I have. “There's a real big surprise coming huh...” and I broke out in cold sweat. (laugh) Basically, I try not to bring studies over to work but, this time I had to do a little of it in our resting room. However, I did sleep quite a lot. And with that, when the performances ended, I went to the university to study… and that was how the days passed. When I get home, it seems like I’ll be soft on myself, and my friends were studying at the university too. And for the diminishing of my physical strength, I make it up in the resting room. But everytime Chinen sees my face he would ask, “Is everything at Uni ok?”. I’m very happy that he’s so concerned about me.

From April onwards, I’ll have much more free time in contrast to my student life and I’m really happy. Because I don’t want to spend it slacking it away, I’m thinking of looking for a new hobby. Anyway, I’ve decided to go snowboarding with my friends in March!


- Now you’re finally graduated, how do you feel?
‘The thesis is finally done!’ I feels like that. It was a really hard time. I brought a sleeping bag and stayed overnight in the laboratory. It was the first time in my life. (laugh)

- The laboratory was like you home right?
Absolutely! I even cooked at the laboratory. I made foods like Gyouza Soup and ramen, something like that. There’s 6~7 guys that are in my grade, everyone was so desperate, and it feels like we’re all in one, that was really interesting.

- So did you guys celebrate after submitted the thisis?
Actually we went to take a bath straightly. Cause we’re like, haven’t took a bath for 3 days. (laugh)

- You must be tired doing such a great job between JUMP and your study, good job!
We had ‘SUMMARY’ during the test, and there’s lots of hard time, but I still enjoyed it though. Having friends that worked hard with me cheers me up. Although I’m studying science department, I’m not really good at maths, so they really helped me a lot.

- Lastly, say something to yourself as you’re finally graduated.
Now I’m entering the society, there will be fewer chance to meet my friends, lets try to make as much memories with them while I still have time~


NEWS's Koyama Keiichiro's graduation speech video for the graduates of batch 2012-2013 in Meiji's University

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