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finally, details of Tsuyoshi's 1st Cover Album


In early February, Domoto Tsuyoshi announced that he will release a new album and it will be a cover album titled "カバ" or Kaba (a play of Japanese pronunciation of "Cover" (kabaa, カバー) which could also means Hippopotamus), now the details have been revealed. His 1st cover album will be released on May 8th, it features covers of artists he respects, self covers, new songs, and more. The Limited edition includes a song "Yasashisa wo Mune ni Daite," which he composed and wrote 16 years ago and never been released in CD. The Limited edition also comes with a bonus DVD of recording documentary "Kaba Channel". The Regular edition includes a self cover of Tsuyoshi's debut song "Machi" and a new song "雨 恋 - amagoi".

Original Tracklist:
1.  I LOVE YOU (originally sung by Ozaki Yutaka)
2.  Another Orion (originally sung by Fujii Fumiya)
3.  LOVE LOVE LOVE (originally sung by Dreams Come True)
4.  ANSWER (originally sung by Makihara Noriyuki)
5.  Machi / ※Regular Edition Only
6.  Jinsei wo Katarazu (originally sung by Yoshida Takuro)
7.  Furui Nikki  (originally sung by Wada Akiko)
8.  PRIDE (originally sung by Chage & Aska)
9.  Hajimari wa Itsumo Ame (originally sung by Aska)
10.  Yasashisa wo mune ni daite / ※Limited Edition Only
11.  雨 恋 - amagoi / ※Regular Edition Only

Limited Edition: cdjapan, rakuten, amazon, tower, shinseido
Regular Edition: cdjapan, rakuten, amazon, tower, shinseido
For more informations, please visit the official site for the album: ca-ba or its twitter account: ca_ba_
Sources: 1, 2, 3

Wow, another Tsuyoshi's creative ideas on the title & the jacket covers, and OMG that list *o* God, I'm so ready for this!! Those classic songs not only great but the original singers are also well known for their distinctive singing way, I'm so really really really looking forward how Tsuyoshi will sing them as he also one of a kind :D Um, is it too much if I already imagine that Tsuyoshi will duet with one of the original singers at this year FNS? ^^
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