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Seven Oops coming to the U.S.A!!

7!! is a four-piece band from Okinawa with an infectious pop melody thanks to their vocalist NANAE’s sweet and innocent voice. Their music has a certain similarity to the world-view of girl comics, and they’re favored by young generation fans. Making their musical debut in 2011 they scored the theme song for the film ‘High School Debut’ with their first single ‘Fallin Love.’ Since then their music has been featured in a variety of shows including Fuji Sankei Group’s morning news program ‘FCI Morning Eye’, broadcasted all over the United States (with the song ‘Nijiiro’), the anime series ‘Naruto Shippuden’ (with the song ‘Lovers’). Their latest single (‘Sayonara Memory’) being used as the ending theme for ‘Naruto Shippuden’ and their single “Bye Bye” also was used as the theme song for TV animation “Kimi to Boku”. The band is increasing its fans globally with these animation tie-ins. Last year, they performed in Jakarta for the first time in overseas

With their music available in 19 countries on iTunes and Amazon and their first full-length album ‘Dokidoki’ out now in Japan 7!! has quickly become a burgeoning force in the Japanese music scene. FanimeCon is thrilled to have them perform at this year’s MusicFest event, which will take place on Saturday during FanimeCon 2013.

Other Guests include{more might be added later on}

FanimeCon 2013 will take place Memorial Day weekend (May 24 - 27) at the San Jose Convention Center.


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