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Ayumi Hamasaki To Appear On Bistro SMAP For First Time In 11 Years

To celebrate 15 years in the industry, Ayumi Hamasaki is set to appear on Bistro SMAP, the popular corner of SMAPxSMAP...Starring, SMAP. The airing date coincides exactly on the day of her debut: April 8th and will be the her first appearance on Bistro SMAP since 2002, where she ordered Japanese-style food.

During the show, Bistro Owner Nakai gets some insight into Ayu's private life, especially at home. "At home there's a lot of staff that just go freely in and out." The conversation then took an amusing turn when Ayu mentioned some more personal matters, "In my own home, my fingernails...I don't even know where to cut them..." "Eh?!? You don't even know?" stated Nakai in his usual false disbelief. The discussion continues along the lines of what housework Ayu does herself, with the actual state of things becoming clear when the show airs. Ayu added that she rarely goes outside much and promised to go out more.

The discussion progressed to each others concerts and to "finger SUMA", the game that was played on her last appearance. People in the industry have commented that despite her long career, peoples' eyes will still be fixed on the screen for Ayu, because of her wide appeal.

As it was her 15th Anniversary, Ayu had many words for her fans. "On the 8th of April, I debuted 15 years ago. I've made it this far because of my fans' support. Thank you very much. This year I will sing all my songs, especially the nostalgic ones, for my 15th Anniversary tour. For this year I want to think of various ways to have fun with my fans, so please look forward to it. From now and on-wards, I want to continue singing in my own way, so please continue to support me."


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