Myharu (myharu) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

Forever alone? Not anymore, thanks to Japan!

Behold, a coat. That will hug you. And whisper into your ear.

Some Japanese students at the University of Tsukuba decided they'd put their effort into creating a coat that could give the sensation of being hugged from behind by their girlfriend. Make that, their imaginary anime sounding girlfriend.

The result is called the Riajyuu Coat. The Japanese slang "riajyuu" means someone who is pleased with their life outside the internet. It's a mash-up of the words "riaru", which is the loan word for "real", and "jyuujitsu", which can mean "satisfactory" or "complete".

The above video recently showed up on Japanese site NicoNico Douga. It seems somewhat tongue-in-cheek and not entirely serious! And no, you cannot buy this coat in stores.

Among college students and researchers in Japan, there appear to a handful of them who enjoy creating devices and machines that serve no real purpose, such as last year's robot butt. Well, maybe these things do have a purpose...


I'm assuming this is a joke, but it wouldn't surprise me either way tbh... Also I couldn't embed the video from Kotaku so I had to rip it off NND and put it on my vimeo account, hope it works.

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