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Ayumi Hamasaki Releases 15th Anniversary Single "Tell All"

To commemorate her 15th anniversary, Ayumi Hamasaki released an exclusive new song titled "Tell All".

The song was released as a gift for people who had bought all 5 of her consecutive monthly releases leading up to her 15th anniversary. In addition, people were also given an exclusive PC wallpaper featuring a never-before-seen photo.

People with the code from her 5 consecutive releases were also entered in a sweepstakes to win 5 various prizes. 10 winners will be given a pair of front-row tickets to Hamasaki's nationwide arena tour, 3 winners will be given a personal item from Hamasaki, and 1 winner will be given a handwritten set of lyrics from Hamasaki. 2 TeamAyu members will be invited to sing in the chorus of a new Hamasaki song to be released later in the year, while 10 TeamAyu members will receive her autograph.

Check out Ayumi Hamasaki's new single below:

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