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subARASHIki sekai

SPEED's HITOE announces her marriage through her blog


SPEED member HITOE a.k.a. Arakaki Hitoe announced through her official blog that she got married on 8 April to a company worker two years her senior. This makes HITOE the third SPEED member to get married following Imai Eriko's marriage to SHOGO of 175R in May 2004 (divorced in September 2007) and Uehara Takako's marriage to TENN of ET-KING in August last year. According to HITOE's statement, she met her husband in New York and they dated for 13 years before getting married. Although she still doesn't feel any difference even though she's married, HITOE expressed her appreciation and gratitude to her husband who has always been supportive of her and accepts her for who she is. HITOE will continue to work as usual even after marriage and hopes to balance work with her family life in future.

Tags: blog, marriage, speed

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