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SMAPxSMAP vacation special scores average ratings of 20% in Kanto, 24.8% in Kansai

SMAPxSMAP's 2.5 hour long special that aired on 8th April was reported to have achieved average ratings of 20% in the Kanto region and 24.8% in the Kansai region.

During yesterday's special, footage of SMAP's 5-person only vacation to Osaka was aired. As the concept of the trip was for it to be a "private" vacation for SMAP, the members were asked to settle their own transport, book their own lodging, request for filming permission and do everything together, all while unmanned cameras were inconspicuously filming.

A highlight of yesterday's show: Nakai suddenly crying during karaoke

Excerpt from the last scene of the clip
Nakai: If it's a 100 people, I could handle them myself.
Shingo: Eh?
Nakai: Even if 10 people came charging right now, I would protect SMAP no matter what.
Shingo: What? If 10 people came charging right now, for SMAP...
Nakai: I would be able to protect SMAP, no problem at all.
Shingo: What's that? What's with all this love?
Nakai: Right to the very end.

Source: News, Youtube
Tags: smap, tv: variety show

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