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Australian band accuses Japanese group of copying music video


Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But Australian band Clubfeet is definitely not flattered that Japanese indie rock act Champagne allegedly copied their music video for one of their singles. They called out the band on Twitter, posting “Japanese rip-off of our Everything You Wanted video”. The video in question is for Champagne’s latest single, Forever Young.

Clubfeet also posted on its official Facebook page, saying “flattered, but a little envious of their [Champagne's] hairdos.”. Of course sarcasm is somehow lost in social networks, so the message might have come off as a cute joke. But Darcy Prendergast, an employee of the production house who made Clubfeet’s video was definitely not joking. She posted on Champagne’s YouTube page, calling on people to dislike the “horrible pop song” and saying its the “uncreative vampires” who make it difficult for those who are striving to create innovative work.

Even Japanese media have picked up on the similarities of the two videos, from the visual style to the choreography to the lead vocalist walking into future versions of himself. In response, Champagne’s record company, RX-Records have pulled out the video from their YouTube page and issued an apology for the “perceived rip”. They said the band had no intention of plagiarizing and that the ball is in the court of UK Project Inc., the ones who did the production itself. “Again, we sincerely apologize to all fans supporting Clubfeet and [Champagne] for any worries and anxieties this matter may have caused,” the press release concludes.

video links:
Clubfeet - Everything You Wanted
Champagne - Forever Young


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