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Keep Calm, and Wait for Hey! Say! Jump's Single

Well, it's been more than a year since "Super Delicate", and HSJ have yet to officially announce a new single. Their national tour has started last April 13, and during concerts, new songs have been performed, including new songs from sub-units Hey!Say!7 and Hey!Say!Best.

Steven Lee (composer) also tweeted that he wrote a brand new song for the group, as performed during the tour. And since there's that wide gap between release (again) here's a preview of the new songs (Shokura & fanaudio) while waiting..

Hey!Say!7- Just For You
- To which I don't know if Keito sings because during concerts he plays the accompaniment guitar while the other 3 sing

Hey!Say!Best- SCRAMBLE

- Again, written by Yabu, and again, as with all other HSB songs, starts with the letter 'S'

HSJ New Song (Dance)

- and they say the choreo was even better than Beat Line?

HSJ New Song (Ballad)

Come on A My House- Shokura Performance

credits YT channel or listen here

HS7 singing a sappy acoustic r&b-ish song?? I LIKE. A LOT. This is also the first ballad I'm ever gonna love from the group. Need the new single, I'm ready for a PREPPY HIPPY HSJ

Tags: concert/tour, hey!say!jump

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