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BRIGHT disbands

From left to right: MEG, MIMI, NANAKA, NAGI

The group that will disband after their One Man Live concerts that start next month, announced their disbandment on their blog.

May 2nd (Nagoya), 6th (Osaka) and 12th (Tokyo) will be the last chance for their fans to see this 4-member vocal and dance unit perform. The gig at Tokyo, Shibuya, will be their last and then the girls that made their major debut on 2008 will go their separate ways.

NAGI, NANAKA, MIMI and MEG have all left messages to their fans in their blog, shocking them all because, despite the group usually failed to chart, their activities never ceased and they kept releasing new material till last year. However, the release of their BEST Album could have been a sign that, perhaps, their record label intended to cancell their contract or that might expire soon this year, especially since that became their last release. But even with that, BRIGHT kept performing One Man Lives and being active both in their blog and twitter so the announcement came as something unexpected and so it seems by the messages the girls have left on their blog:

"We are really sorry for the sudden announcement" NAGI, the leader, says on her message, before explaining how they've been active for 10 years, ever since elementary school, practicing every day to the extent the other members, despite of not being friends or family, became special to her.

"To the people who've always supported us, I am really sorry for the sudden announcement" NANAKA begins her message with similar words as NAGI , and then thanks the fans and the members for being able to sing all this time. NANAKA starred last year in the musical DREAM HIGH along with Matsushita Yuya and her group-mate MIMI. She was the last member to join the group but the one who got pushed to the front the most, not to mention that their last singles had her as a main and almost solo-lead vocalist, which could hint to a possible solo career in a near future.

"The members will continue their new paths, we won't stop" says MIMI, but it's hard to tell if all the girls will pursue a career in the music industry as this all looks like both, their management and their label weren't giving them too many options, despite of what MEG says "Like NAGI has told you, we decided to disband as BRIGHT. That's what we decided" but there are too many groups that have reached a dead end like this to believe they just woke up with the idea on their heads to suddenly call it a day, the situation kind of reminds us of LOVE, the LDH vocal duo that also saw their releases decreasing and instead of renewing their record-deal, they were suddenly disbanded. MEG also comments on how soon they met and became a group that spent their time singing together, as something really natural, which makes hard to believe this decision wasn't forced by their current situation as an act who hasn't crossed over the niche market they're in:

"That's why it was hard to believe it would end someday"  (MEG)

Sadly, the time for that has come.

Source: Oricon | BRIGHT Ameblo
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