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3 World Premiere from Japan!

UDINE - As the clock ticks rapidly the opening night approaches on April 19th, Udine Far East Film Festival scored another big hit: to the world premiere announced in the press conference, Maruyama, The Middle Schooler by Kudo Kankuro and Angel Home by Tsutsumi Yukihiko, now a third title is added. We're talking about the comedy It's Me, It's Me by Miki Satoshi, from Japan as the other two world premieres, which will be accompanied in Udine on April 19th by the famous protagonist: the pop idol Kazuya Kamenashi! Dancer, singer, actor, television personality, producer, radio host, model: Kazuya is a real celebrity, not only in the Land of the Rising Sun, and the news of his transfer in Udine was in fact preceded by a big voice on social networks (from all over Asia to Latin America!).

It's Me, It's Me, launched by the slogan “The World Is Full of Me” and compared to Being John Malkovich, sees Kazuya multiply in twenty different roles (including a career woman!) and tells the surreal story of the salesman Hitoshi Nagano. A guy like many who in a day like any other suddenly begins to have strange problems with the pronoun “I”...

Leader of the boy band Kat-Tun, the tip formation of the J-pop scene, Kazuya takes its name from the popular manga Touch and, just like the protagonist, is an ardent fan of baseball (he had soon to set a side the competitive ambitions because of the triumphal march in show business). A curiosity: he was discovered thanks to an audition, pushed by the family who had sent a request behind his back…

But let us return briefly to the other two world premieres of FEFF 15. Maruyama, The Middle Schooler is a visionary and very unconventional comedy, a splendid and anarchic pop delusion! Kudo Kankuro speaks to us about Maruyama, a fourteen year old boy who lives puberty transforming reality with imagination. His greatest ambition is to be able to practice a self fellatio, which symbolically (and in a funny way) shows his personal test of maturity.

Completely different is Angel Home, a drama that perfectly combines pathos and sweetness. In the “Sunflower house”, a residence for disabled people, a strange atmosphere reigns. The news of the death of a young resident was not given to the housemates in order to not disturb them. In particular the unsettled Uyan, with whom a tender love story that had baffled parents and staff was born...

Press Office/Udine Far East Film 15

Gianmatteo Pellizzari & Ippolita Nigris Cosattini -
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Talks and Interviews Schedule could be found here

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