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Avex selects three new artists after 2013 auditions

Japan’s biggest entertainment company, Avex Group Holdings Inc, has its nationwide auditions, “avex audition Max 2013.”

For 25 years, Avex has been holding auditions to discover talent, such as AAA and Kumi Koda.

This year’s auditions drew 16,766 candidates from 58 different countries. Diane Colquhoun, 17, Akito Tejima (Osaka), 19, in the musical artist category, and Tomohiro Sato (Hokkaido), 16, in the acting category, won the grand prix.

“I want to be the next Lady Gaga,” said Okinawan native Colquhoun, whose mother is Japanese and father American.

Both Colquhoun and Tejima will make their debut this year in Avex’s annual summer concert tour, A-Nation, featuring the company’s most successful acts. Saito will appear in a drama on BeeTV.


Wonder why they even bothered hosting it outside of Japan if they weren't going to select anyone.
Tags: actor/actress, music/musician, press conference

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