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Shiraishi Mai chosen as the new center for Nogizaka46’s upcoming single


On April 20th, idol group Nogizaka46 held a handshake event for their 5th single “Kimi no Na wa Kibou” at Kyoto Pulse Plaza.

During the event, they announced the Senbatsu members for their upcoming 6th single (both title and release date are undecided). It was also announced that Shiraishi Mai has been chosen as the new center for the single, which brought roars and glad shouts from the 7,000 fans attending the event.

This will be the first time for Shiraishi to take the position as Ikoma Rina has served as the center for all the group’s previous singles. Shiraishi commented, “I am feeling the big joy, and the inconceivable responsibility with this opportunity to stand as the center, which is the position Ikoma-chan has carried since the formation of Nogizaka46. While keeping my feet on the ground steadily, I would like to try harder than now in order to show everyone a new side of Nogizaka.”

Ikoma also commented, “The center is the position that brings you a lot of pressure. I want to make a good use of my experience and support her with full effort. I also want to enjoy my new position since I will be able to see a different view.

The 16 Senbatsu members chosen for the 6th single are as follows.

Akimoto Manatsu/Ikuta Erika/Ikoma Rina/Ito Marika/Inoue Sayuri/Saito Yuri/Sakurai Reika/Shiraishi Mai/Takayama Kazumi/Nakada Kana/Nishino Nanase/Hashimoto Nanami/Fukagawa Mai/Hoshino Minami/Matsumura Sayuri/Wakatsuki Yumi.


Source & Image: Oricon, tokyohive

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