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Japanese Director Ninagawa Mika States, "I Want to Work with Big Bang"

Ninagawa Mika, a Japanese photographer and film director who made her debut in the movie industry with the manga adaptation "Helter Skelter" in 2012, expressed her interest in working with Big Bang in the future.

At the "Helter Skelter" press conference held in Seoul Gangnam COEX mall on April 17, Ninagawa Mika and Sawajiri Erika were in attendance to talk about many facets of their film.

"Helter Skelter" follows a downward spiral of a top-star celebrity, Ririko, who is played by Sawajiri Erika, caused by successive side effects from plastic surgeries. Among many factors the movie is stirring interest from the fans in Korea, "Helter Skelter" is the first production in which Sawajiri Erika embraced nudity for the integrity of the film and its storyline since her debut.

When asked to name some of the Korean stars she would like to work with, director Mika answered, "There are too many to name. But I certainly would like to work with Big Bang, who recently performed at Tokyo Dome, if given the chance."

As for her future plans, she remarked, "I believe I will be coming back with another film in a few years. I will make sure to visit Korea again."


n 2004, the original manga "Helter Skelter" received the renowned Tesuka Osamu Cultural Prize while mesmerizing the Japanese. The film will open in theaters on May 2 in Korea.

Big Bang is a group that debuted in 2006 under YG Entertainment. They are well known for their upbeat music and amazing fashion sense.

The group also produces many of their own songs. Leader G-Dragon is known in the music industry for his great composing skills.

The group finished their world tour last year and held a 'Special Final in Dome Tour' where they performed in some of the biggest domes in Japan.

Member Daesung recently released his first Japan solo single and will begin his first solo Japan tour.

G-Dragon also has begun his solo world tour as well.

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