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Actress Lisa Goto trades legacy of sports drink commercials for career in porn

It can be so difficult watching ones children grow into full-fledged adults. The same feeling can apply to our beloved child actors at times. We always want to remember them from when they were tiny and adorable, even as they mature.

Lisa Goto got an early start in the entertainment industry, modeling for gravure photos at the age of 14 and going on to feature in a popular Pocari Sweat sports drink commercial soon after. She was know by many as “a girl with the beauty of innocence.” In that way, she developed a significant number of fans and went on to do a number of other commercials, TV drama series, and movies, and throughout it all, she maintained that image of purity.

But now, after having left the entertainment industry for a number of years, she’s back and with a brand new sales pitch. It’s time to say goodbye to the sweet and innocent grade-schooler that people grew to love and make way for the straight-talking porn actress here to take her place.

Thanks to good-old Wikipedia, we have a pretty good understanding of Goto’s background and how it took a sudden turn for the risque. Her career in acting was never exactly a steady one, as she retired temporarily in 2002, only to be drawn back into the limelight in 2004. In late 2009 she quit the industry once more, when she married her boyfriend, with whom she’d been living for three years. It should probably be noted that to be unmarried and living with a person of the opposite sex is still not common within Japan, and for celebrities to date at all is often not allowed by their contracts. Still, Goto did make a brief appearance on Fuji Television’s “Super News” the following year, where she admitted to getting a great deal of plastic surgery: liposuction on her abdomen and legs, breast implants, and the removal of blemishes from her face.

Now, barely two years following her marriage and second retirement from work as an actress, Goto has announced that she is divorcing her husband for the sake of reentering the entertainment field as a porn actress. Perhaps the literal image change that came with her plastic surgery should have served as some sort of indicator that a greater change had taken place inside of her, but nevertheless the news of her turn to the adult video industry as shocked many. She is no longer the young and innocent girl we once knew; that purity has been sullied.

Many people commenting on the news of Goto’s move to join the adult film industry have shown varying levels of disappointment, saying things such as “She sure has changed,” and “To think I used to be her fan…” Others seem less than surprised and are calling it the start of a new trend. “When all those famous girls from AKB48 find that they can’t return to the life of a normal person, their paths will turn out just the same,” says one cynical commenter. Of course, not everyone is so down about the news, and many anticipate long, loving nights with Goto on their screens.

Goto’s first adult video is scheduled for release this summer, in mid-June.

Source: Tokyo Sport via japantoday

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