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Bobby Ologun directs and stars in autobiographical film “Moon Dream”

On Thursday, a press event was held to announce that Nigerian-born talento and mixed martial artist Bobby Ologun has directed and starred in an autobiographical movie called Moon Dream.

In addition to directing and starring, Ologun also wrote the screenplay and produced under his real name, Bobby Konda (he adopted his wife’s surname when he became a Japanese citizen in 2007).

The film is based on Ologun’s own experiences immediately upon visiting Japan for the first time, chasing his dream while dealing with the harsh realities of being a foreigner including discrimination and narrow-mindedness. However, it also depicts the touching kindness of the Japanese people which he discovered early on.

In attendance at the event were Nao Minamisawa who plays the lead female role, Naomasa Musaka who plays her father, Thane Camus, and Yayoo of the Korean band Guyz who performed the opening theme song.

In addition to the attendees, the film also stars Dante Carver, Toshikazu Fukawa, Shinji Takehara, Musashi, Guts Ishimatsu, and Akira Nakao.

Keiji Miyano served as co-director.

“Moon Dream” will be released in early summer 2013.


Ngl, I don't like Bobby and what he kinda stands for/as in the Japanese media, but he did well for himself. Can't tell if that's a good or bad thing though.
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