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'Swimming Anime' becomes a reality; KyoAni announces 'Free!' for July

Kyoto Animation unveiled its new swimming team anime, Free!, on Friday. The television anime is based on Kōji Ōji's High Speed!, an honorable mention recipient in the 2nd Kyoto Animation Award in 2011. Hiroko Utsumi of Animation DO is directing the anime, and Masahiro Yokotani is supervising the scripts. Futoshi Nishiya is designing the characters, and Tatsuya Katou is composing the music.

Much of the same team created the "Suiei-hen" (Swimming) anime commercial that was unveiled last month.

The main cast are Nobunaga Shimazaki (playing Haruka Nanase), Tatsuhisa Suzuki (playing Makoto Tachibana), Tsubasa Yonaga (playing Nagisa Hazuki), Daisuke Hirakawa (playing Rei Ryugazaki), and Mamoru Miyano (playing Rin Matsuoka).

Kyoto Animation streamed the promotional video for its July television anime Free! on Friday.

The main characters are the swim team from Iwatobi High School and their rival at another school:

Haruka Nanase, the freestyle swimmer (crawl) voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki

Makoto Tachibana, the backstroke swimmer (Tatsuhisa Suzuki)

Hazuki Nagisa, the breaststroke swimmer (Tsubasa Yonaga)

Rei Ryugazaki, the freshman who joins the swim team (Daisuke Hirakawa)

Rin Matsuoka, the rival swimmer from Sametsuka Academy (Mamoru Miyano)

All of them except Rei were in the same swimming club during elementary school.

The group OLDCODEX is performing the opening theme "Rage on," while the five main characters (as voiced by their cast) sing the ending theme song.

The anime will not only air on ABC Asahi Broadcasting, Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, and BS11, but also stream on Niconico and ABC Dōga Club.

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