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Panache! suddenly announced their disbanded.

It was announced that Popular cosplay unit “Panache!” to disband on their official website. The members, Enako, Kuroneko, and Itsuki Akira commented as below.


[Member's messages]Enako
It was a short while, but we had a good time. Thank you for supporting to “Panache!.” We are so sorry for this sudden announcement and that we cannot continue activities as “Panache!.” For about half a year, we continued our activities as “Panache!.” We met a lot of people, and we had great experience through the activity. Bonds with members is my treasure. I was able to do my best because I have lots of fans who have supported to cheer until now. Last but least, thank you very much for sending huge love to us!

It was a short while, but we had a good time. Thank you for supporting to “Panache!.”
This time, I’m so sorry that we can’t continue activities as “Panache!” because I found employment.
I had been longing entertainment activities from an early age. Simply because there was a support of everyone, I was able to fulfill my dream.
“Panache!”, that has spent the time together with Enako, Akira, all staffs, and our fans, is unforgettable memory for me.
Thank you so much for everything till this day.

Itsuki Akira
It was a short while, I appreciate indeed to lots of people who has supported to Itsuki Akira of “Panache!”. I’m sorry that we give up our activities as “Panache!.”
I was able to experience a lot in this entertainment world where I was longing.
There was some pain and chagrin against what I don’t get used. However, I was hang in there until the end. It is thanks to our fans.
Thank you very very much till now!!!


We were looking forward to their activities in the future, so we feel sorry for their dissolution. Let’s cheer up each member’s activities from now!


Aw, I liked them. They only had one album and two singles. It's a pity.
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