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NEWS member Masuda Takahisa & Minamisawa Nao's stage play reaches opening day


On April 3rd, NEWS member Masuda Takahisa’s starring stage play “Strange Fruits” reached the opening day at the Globe Tokyo, and before the performance started, Masuda and Minamisawa Nao, who plays as the heroine, attended the press conference.

As the two would show a love scene together in the play, Minamisawa was asked how she would feel about playing the scene in front of Masuda’s fans. She first looked confused, saying, “Hmm…”, but Masuda backed her up with, “You don’t have to worry since my fans are all nice.” Then Minamisawa showed a smile and said, “I want them to see it, while they imagine themselves in my position.”

“Strange Fruits” marks the third starring stage play for Masuda followed by “Ame no Hi no Mori no Naka” (2009) and “Haiiro no Canaria” (2012), and in the play, Masuda plays a cruel filmmaker, which differs from his usual image. Masuda talked about how he built up his body by swimming, and Minamisawa also revealed that Masuda brought weight training tools to the rehearsing room. Masuda said, “I’m being stoic. For the stage play, I had TOKIO’s Matsuoka-san, so I didn’t have to do anything, but this time, I have to be the leader.”

According to Masuda, his fellow members are planning to come see the play. He said, “I want them to come secretly without telling me the exact day since I would feel awkward.”

here is the video of the press conference:

source: tokyohive/ & youtube

I ship them!!
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