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Da-iCE’s first single「I’ll be back」+ Splash English Version

Finally, Da-iCE’s first single has been announced ! It will be their song titled 「I’ll be back」 which they performed with SKY-HI or Gashima from WHITE JAM in the past. It will come in 3 different versions.

Title: I’ll be back
Release date: June 5th (2013)

① 【A / CD+DVD】 ¥1500

  • I’ll be back

  • せつなくて

  • I’ll be back (PV)

  • Splash (Live video)

  • Umbrella (Live video)

② 【B / CD+T-SHIRTS】 ¥3000

  • I’ll be back

  • せつなくて

Comes with a T-shirt with a limited design
Special plastic case
Limited edition → only 2,000 copies available

③ 【C / CD】 ¥1000

  • I’ll be back

  • せつなくて

  • I’ll be back -English ver-

Comes with a random card featuring each member

The CD+DVD version and CD only version are already available to pre-order on HMV [CD+DVD/CD] and on Amazon [CD+DVD/CD].

You can now pre-order all versions on various online stores such as TOWER RECORDS, TSUTAYA and HMV. The links above on Amazon still work too of course.

New Profile Pictures:


Splash English Version:

Original Version, the PV was uploaded by Avex to promote their digital mini-album Da-iCE last year

Avex at Youtube

I love it.
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