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alan (singer of the "Red Cliff" theme song) auditions on China's X-Factor!!

Full video including the judges' comments here at Sina.

The transcript is from pommy78 at alan international.


alan: I'm alan. I'm a singer. I went to debut in another country when I was 19, released a lot of CDs there, and held concerts. I've been back in China for a year and I feel like I've lost myself a bit. I want to find the old me, the one who worked so hard in school. Thus, I bravely came here to China's "The Voice"
Lady: Here is your badge. Please pin it on your clothes.
Host in blue: I was so surprised when I saw you, really!
alan: A lot of people can't believe that I really came to participate, but I feel like it's my journey, so I should walk it myself. Don't do anything that I'll regret later.
3 guys: Hurry hurry and go. We've thought about it for a long time and finally came here.
alan: What? Do you guys think I've changed a lot?
3 guys: You've become a bit different
alan: Really? You guys are like my little brothers, so why are you asking for my number? *laughs*
Staff: Singer alan, please follow me.
alan: Let's fly, go!
Host in blue: Wow! So pretty!
alan: Since I chose to come to China's "The Voice", then I need to recede all of the spotlight that was on me before. I'm here, so I can restart my journey.

Ziyi: Hi alan.
alan: Hi Miss Ziyi
Ziyi: You were the one that sang the theme song for RED CLIFF right?
alan: Yes. Why did I come to this show? It's because I don't like that everyone follows my name as alan, the one that sang for RED CLIFF. alan, the one that sang for Inuyasha. alan, the one that sang for Bu Bu Jing Xin. I don't like it. I came here because the past is the past and I want to have a new start. I hope everyone will support me.
Ziyi: What song did you bring for us today?
alan: I've brought my own song. Hope everyone will like it. "Hu Huan"

Ziyi: I feel like you have this infectious aura.
alan: Thank you.
Ziyi: And it's like the stage was built for you. I feel like the music and everything else doesn't matter. It's a very comfortable feeling.
Eason: I really want to ride a horse. It felt very free.
Ziyi: And alan would be sitting right in front of you
Eason: No no, I was riding alone.
Judge in gray: When alan stands on the stage, it felt like the stage wasn't enough for her. I give you a very big YES.
alan: Thank you
Ziyi: I definitely give you a YES.
alan: Thank you
Eason: You didn't perform well enough today. I'm going to say NO.
alan: Aww, really?
Eason: I will wait for the chance to give you a YES, but I'm going to have to say NO today.
alan: Thank you.
Judge in black: I agree with Eason. You didn't perform well enough today. It wasn't your best state.
Audience: YES YES YES
Judge in black: Can you guys wait till I'm finished? I have to give you some bad news. It's because it's going to be hard for you from now on, but you have to continue on with us all, so I'll give you a YES.


Source: alan international, Ninh Chu

Surprised she auditioned! :O I didn't even know she got let go from Avex China/Japan, and then I read that Avex China got dissolved, and she switched to a crappy company... Yikes. I agree that it wasn't her best performance - imho, she shouldn't have auditioned with an original song bc she has a lot of live up to - but I'm glad she went through?!
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