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(NSFW) AKB48′s Yuki Kashiwagi sparks debate over 'vulgar' video !!!!

[hey I warned YOU!! ]

Yuki Kashiwagi, from the popular all-girl singing group AKB48, appeared in a recent video that became instantaneously infamous for being uncomfortably erotic. How anyone can be surprised by the groups not-so-subtle eroticism after watching the music video of them making out in their underwear is beyond me, but reading the responses to this two-minute clip, you’d think that Yuki recently joined the porn industry.

As it turns out, this video is an official AKB48 release and in no way restricts underage viewers from watching it. So what sort of G-rated film has sent so many minds to the gutter?

In short, the video depicts Kashiwagi preparing and eating a bowl of tororo, grated yam. For those who have never seen tororo, it’s a thick liquid, white, sticky, and a little bit slimy in texture. Sound like something else you can think of? There’s a reason that viewers got a little hot under the collar from watching this clip. It looks a lot like she’s gulping down spoonfuls of man-juice! Apparently, the occasional shots of Yuki’s cleavage didn’t ease the sense of eroticism either.

Here’s a sampling of what Japanese fans had to say about the video:

“Can she do that?”
“This is so not cool.”
“This video is official, yeah? They took it too far.”
“Some say erotic, I say it’s vulgar.”
“Way too nasty! LOL”
“I’m saving this.”
“Has Yuki Kashiwagi seen tororo? She must have known what this looks like.”
“Oh, that poor girly…”

On any other day, Kashiwagi would be classified as one of the more hardworking members of AKB48. Her determination to take on new challenges has made her quite popular with the fans. We’re not quite sure what she was trying to accomplish by releasing this sort of video, but it certainly succeeded in grabbing attention and sparking debate.

Now there’s just one more thing that the Internet wants to know: Was there a fully conscious effort on the part of AKB48’s management to make this tororo tasting video look erotic? Whether this video was Yuki’s own idea or a vulgar move decided by her manager could have a big impact on how many fans stick with her in the wake.


she will do ANYTHING to win this election.......hmmmmmmmmmmmm
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