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Japanese Lolitas Plan World Domination

Disconcerting news from the world of Japanese fashion: adherents to the cutesy subculture of Lolita fashion are organizing themselves into an official group. Their target: the whole world.

The Japan Lolita Association was formed in February to spread Japan’s special brand of ‘kawaii fashion’ to the world. Aoki Misako, a well-known Lolita model who in 2009 was appointed ‘Kawaii Ambassador’ by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (an absolutely real, and possibly even serious, position), will serve as chairperson, and the society’s office will be established at Fukuoka’s Omura Beauty College.

The Association’s main activities will be to report lolita news, recruit and appoint Kawaii Ambassadors to support the global lolita network, host events such as tea parties and get-togethers for Association members, and encourage and nominate lolita fashion-related schools and educational institutions. It all sounds perfectly innocent, but who knows what’s really going on behind those frilly petticoats and lacy parasols.

Becoming a member gets you perks such as subscription to their email newsletter and notifications of tea-parties and events. You can sign up here at their homepage. If you sign up with your smartphone you even get a super-extra-kawaii membership image. Count me in?

The Association is also seeking information on Lolita-related events, so event promoters who want their event shared with Lolita fans should submit their information to the ‘Events & Tea parties’ page.

While the news is sure to excite some, I’m sure it’s also struck a note of trepidation in the hearts of men and women alike. I mean, just look at that bunny’s eyes. Take a good look, and tell me he’s not up to something. *shudders*


I can see this going well (or ending with big drama on the int'l end). While other styles like gyaru are more close to mainstream, lolita is more identifiable as a unit. That's why I feel that lolita can do this and on such a big scale. Are their any lolitas on Arama? Will you be joining up?
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