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World Order in DC

Hi, first timer here!

I think some of you have heard about this group called World Order who does this robotic dance PV on public places.

Well, today, when I was strolling in DC around the Capitol building I accidentally met them!!!!

They were taping for their new PV I guess and I couldnt believe my eyes.
I knew immediately who they were so I went closer and watched them, totally freaking out that its them LOL.
I took some pictures of them dancing and then when they finished I kinda screamed out "Yokku dekimashita!" and so they turned in awe and since then I was like a VIP fan :DDD They were surprised I could speak Japanese and were kind enough to allow me to take a picture with them :DDD Nyahaha.

They nearly made an interview with me if they werent in such a hurry. Lucky me because I would not be able to speak Japanese on an interview level lol.

But they were amazing. Very kind, smiley, enthusiastic and generally happy to meet a fan in the US :)))

xposted on my personal journal with more photos.

Offical website of WO: here

a youtube video:


Tags: music/musician

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