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Woman comes forward to a weekly magazine, "I was sexually abused by GACKT".

Warning: Please be aware that there are quite detailed mentions of sexual abuse in this article.

  Shock is currently waving through the industry due to an article published in the recent issue of the magazine, "FLASH" (Kobunsha). A woman revealed that she was sexually abused by singer GACKT (39). GACKT already has a history of gossip surrounding him. There are rumours of tax evasion, to having a secret child and even that he has suspicious acquaintances. However, this sex scandal could be the rumour to hurt him the very most.

  The victim is a 27 year old woman, who will be referred to as "Ms. A". In September 2011, GACKT visited the cabaret club (kyabakura) where Ms. A was an employee. He stayed for about an hour and would leave around after 3 am. Since it was late, GACKT offered to bring Ms. A home. She declined, stating that her home was quite close to the club. Despite this, he forced her into his car. Once in the vehicle, GACKT had already removed his pants and showed her his erection. He grabbed Ms. A by her hair, slapped her face and forced her to do things against her will. These acts continued until they arrived to his home, around 30~40 minutes later. According to Ms. A, GACKT shaves his pubic hair and has around 30 silicone balls inserted into his genital area.

  After arriving at his home, he continued to violate her. Once Ms. A had rested a little bit, she was brought to his bedroom, where both of her hands were tied back. She was forced to perform fellatio for almost 4 hours. GACKT would hover over her and make her lick various objects, if she made a disgusted face or turned away, she would get hit. He even went so far as to strangle her until she was about to lose consciousness. After those long 4 hours, GACKT was still unsatisfied and removed her clothes at this point. Ms. A says that this is when he raped her. She says that this lasted for an hour and a half, and that GACKT only ejaculated once after 6 hours of these acts. After this, Ms. A asked him if she "could go home already" while crying. He told her that "the door locks itself" so she could "just go home whenever she wanted to". She went home after 9 am, feeling that she was finally liberated.

  Ms. A has reported all of this to the police, and at the end of last month, the police headquarters in Shinjuku accepted her charges of "rape" and "forced acts of obscenity" against GACKT. In her file of complaint, there is her report of the event, photos of her bruises and torn clothes that are included. If you consider the report that was handed to the police, there is probably no way that you can consider this whole situation as nonsense.

  On the topic of GACKT, last September, "Shukan Bunshun" (BUNGEISHUNJU Ltd.) published a big scoop about him and Yumiko Shaku (Tommy's Artist Company) being in a casual sexual relationship. Certain staff members had previously revealed that GACKT would have his driver circle around the town while Shaku performed fellatio on him in the back seat. Even in this case with Ms. A, he was obsessed with forcing her into dirty acts using her mouth, a characteristic of him that has now been exposed. It would seem that the credibility of the case has gone up with this.

  A weekly magazine reporter has provided some information as well. Lately, GACKT's contract with the management corporation, "Gordie Entertainment" has been cut after rumours of his tax evasion. He has since transferred to the major karaoke company, "Daiichikosho Co., Ltd.". GACKT has been in the front lines, trying to avoid being hit by these sparks. There are rumours of his previous company planning to shut him down since they did not authorize the transfer, which made them feel that GACKT abandoned them and ran away. However, this transfer actually produced a very large amount of "transfer money". On Gordie's side, this would give them nothing but satisfaction, so according to the writer, the likelihood of the "shut down" rumours may be slim.

  In the case of his sex friend relationships or of the secret child, it is merely an issue of where GACKT's responsibilities lie. If Ms. A's case is the truth, it is nothing but a complete crime. GACKT frequently ignores and keeps quiet about these rumours but, it seems only this time that a big problem will arise with the unfurling of this case.

 GACKT has also recently been removed from the artist lineup of FNS' "Uta no Natsu Matsuri" (Summer Song Festival).

ETA: GACKT's staff statement:

We wish to deliver an explanation concerning the article about GACKT that has been published in the May 13th issue of the weekly magazine "FLASH", among others.

The various acts of violence that were presented in the contents of this report are not facts,
and in regards to "FLASH"'s sales agency, Kobunsha, we are going through with our arrangements to sue them for defamation.
Moreover, given that we have confirmed that the statements from the female victim are not facts,
we are discussing whether or not to take legal actions in relation to this.

We are aware of the worry we caused all of the fans and to our business partners as well,
we plan to work together with our law consultants as to not cause more worry to everyone so,
we ask for your understanding, thank you very much.

ETA2: After the event, Ms. A went to discuss with the police. Through a lawyer, she requested for an apology from GACKT. After the apology request was not granted, Ms. A submitted the sexual abuse report to the police. They accepted this report at the end of April, and there seems to be no update from police after that time.

Sources: Original article @ Infoseek / GACKT's staff statement @ OHP / Additional article @ rbbtoday
Translation by tsunemi
Tags: gackt, rumour

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