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GACKT responds to allegations of sexual abuse against him

GACKT's LINE Message - May 15, 2013

This is apparently a digest of what he posted in his own blog, so once that has been translated, you all should definitely check it out, there's a lot more written there (as well as in Nico Blomaga).

How are you all?

First time in a long while here on LINE.
I'm about to leave the hotel near the venue.
We have a live in Omiya today.

The reason why I'm updating LINE after a long absence is the article on FLASH that was issued yesterday.

Do you know FLASH?
Well, it's a tabloid magazine...
They reported that
I imprisoned, battered, and raped a female hostess several years ago...

Their idea is... what should I say, eccentric....?
I can't believe how much they can fabricate a story.
I was beyond angry, so appalled that my jaw almost came off.
Their content reads like an erotic novel.

They came out with their story to go against my tour.
Clearly they're trying to sell a lot of copies.
But there's nothing more disrespectful than this.

I can understand that using me leads to selling many copies.
I know that tabloids are desperate because their sales are dropping.
But isn't this just a bad cycle spiraling down?

To sell, they keep reporting exaggerated lies.
People stop believing them.
They have to write even more hurtful things in order to sell more copies.
That ends up in less sales, and ultimately their cancellation.

So uncool..........

In the first place,
if it's true that I battered, imprisoned, and raped a woman several years ago, wouldn't the police have made a move right away and arrested me?

And this woman that calls herself the victim....
Well, to go back a little, she suddenly demanded that I pay her 10,000,000 yen (about $100K) by handing us a letter riddled with lies.
Isn't this so-called racketeering/blackmailing?
There's really a limit to how far you can go.

I answered her through a lawyer,
"Why on earth will I pay you for such complete lies!!?"
There was no further contact from her...
But then it turned up through the tabloid.... What in the....?

The article states that she's simply asking for an apology, but hey hey, the first thing you did was demand money, was it not?

Since there's this convenient thing called LINE,
I'm gonna say this loud and clear,
so all of you in the world, clean out your ears and listen to me well, OK?

"I'm doing just fine with women, I have no need to tie up a resisting woman and satisfy my need~~!!!!"

Do I seem like such a despicable man?

If I do......

I will polish up on being a man a bit more.

What in the world is this fuss anyway?

I decided to fight them by hiring 3 excellent lawyers this time.
Even I couldn't let this one go.
I can endure a whole lot, but being accused of brutality is....
Give me a break, really.

I wrote the details of the truth in my blog, so you can read that.
I've also included a portion of the response letter from my lawyer (to the woman).
This is just way too dumb......


Well, I'll go stake my life on the live again today.
See ya.


Translation by excused-early

Just want to post this here to give GACKT's side of the story....Everyone should hear both sides of the story....
Tags: gackt, rumour

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