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Fukuyama Masaharu & Lily Frankie to attend Cannes Film Festival for "Soshite Chichi ni naru"


Fukuyama Masaharu and Lily Frankie appeared at Narita Airport on 17 May to depart for France to attend the Cannes Film Festival as their new movie "Soshite Chichi ni naru" is one of the nominated films in the competition category. The film will be screened in Cannes on 18 May and there will be a red carpet event before that. Fukuyama who is currently busy with the filming of his drama "Galileo", took time off to attend the festival and was greeted with cheers from female passengers and was interviewed along with Lily Frankie by 50 members of the press. Fukuyama will return to Japan once the red carpet event is over.

Source: Sanspo, doramaworld
Tags: fukuyama masaharu, international media, movie

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