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The awesomeness graced Cannes: Soshite Chichi ni Naru's Photocalls + Red Carpet

Soshite Chichi ni Naru has its premier in Grand Théâtre Lumière on the 18th. It received a 10-minutes standing ovations. Whew.

 photo OB-XN417_051913_H_20130519175644_zpsc4c9f2dd.jpg
Fukuyama Masaharu fixing Ninomiya Keita's bowtie while Ono Machiko looks. awww...

 photo MachikoOnoSoshiteChichiNiNaruPhotoCallDjgTOVbQTqUx_zpse8f865c6.jpg
The cast during photocall

 photo MachikoOnoSoshiteChichiNiNaruPhotoCallTS9DD_CXugbx_zps33fd1992.jpg
The cast Part 2

 photo HirokazuKoreedaSoshiteChichiNiNaruPhotoXz2sbubohxcx_zps7155848e.jpg
Director Koreeda Hirokazu with Shogen Wang and Ninomiya Keita

 photo MachikoOnoSoshiteChichiNiNaruPhotoCallutxMSrrbRsax_zpsae3cefb7.jpg
The parents

 photo MachikoOnoSoshiteChichiNiNaruPhotoCallqkl0E7HLWj9x_zpsf35a80df.jpg
Director Koreeda Hirokazu with the ladies- Maki Yoko and Ono Machiko

 photo MachikoOnoSoshiteChichiNiNaruPhotoCallokHs-uusSDPx_zpsde2f7b17.jpg
The mothers- Maki Yoko and Ono Machiko

 photo Crankin_2466610_1_zpse0d5c580.jpg
Fukuyama Masaharu with Ninomiya Keita

 photo MasaharuFukuyamaSoshiteChichiNiNaruPremieresiVz90Vek4A1x_zps883d80b9.jpg
Fukuyama Masaharu, looking dapper as fuck in tuxedo.

 photo MasaharuFukuyamaSoshiteChichiNiNaruPremieresRJ3xhT7oZQMx_zpsa730b323.jpg
Lily Franky and Shogen Wang

 photo YokoMakiSoshiteChichiNiNaruPremieresgvbhxbqlYVOx_zps1ae2f73c.jpg
The cast on the red carpet

 photo MachikoOnoSoshiteChichiNiNaruPremieres9DBVTOKumJUx_zpsb45f43ef.jpg

 photo MasaharuFukuyamaSoshiteChichiNiNaruPremiereshQwKfd28Nrkx_zps77cb250b.jpg

 photo MachikoOnoSoshiteChichiNiNaruPremieresHMufJWMvQiKx_zpsf0c7cf90.jpg
Ono Machiko

 photo MasaharuFukuyamaSoshiteChichiNiNaruPremieresfuvwdYw740xx_zps624f66c4.jpg

Robbie Collin ‏@robbiereviews
Sustained applause and sniffles after Hirokazu Kore-eda's glorious family drama Like Father, Like Son; best comp film so far #Cannes2013

dana linssen ‏@danalinssen
what a perfect double bill today @markcousinsfilm A Story of Children and Film followed by Kore-eda's Like Father, Like Son @FdC_officiel

Niels Ruëll ‏@NielsRuell
I like Like father, like son van Hirokazu Kore-Eda #cannes2013

fovea ‏@foveamzine
Every movie from Official Selection is indeed special. Kore-Eda has made the press to have watery nose this evening. #Cannes2013

David Neary ‏@DeusExCinema
I can now safely say Hirokazu Kore-eda is my favourite filmmaker working today. Goodness that man has heart. #LikeFatherLikeSon #cannes2013

Tara Judah ‏@midnightmovies
Just saw Kore-eda's Like Father, Like Son and even though the film is a little uneven it's also incredibly moving. Brought tears to my eyes

Noah Cowan ‏@noahlightbox
Kore Eda: Deploys ridiculous cuteness of Japanese kids to teach lessons on human frailty + the mechanics of family. A master at work.

Noah Cowan ‏@noahlightbox
Kore Eda: Simple, impossibly moving tale of 2 families who must exchange their sons. One felt waves of emotion wash over the theatre...

Alexander Griffith ‏@alexgriffith24
#Cannes2013 Hard not to like how Kore-eda's #LikeFatherLikeSon blends class, parenthood, & cuteness - Speilberg will love it

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