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Yamapi under surveillance 24hrs a day by Iijima ?

This is an article from Tokyo Sports, no idea how legitimate they are as a news source.

It seems that Yamashita Tomohisa,28, who belongs to the Iijima faction of Johnny’s Entertainment, is being closely watched by his management 24 hours a day. What has happened to him?

Yamapi has started a new variety show called “Generation Tengoku” since January, and at the studio a woman is seen hanging around him all the time. What is more surprising is that he is followed around even when he’s not working. Who he goes out with and where he goes are all being tracked, and according to Mr. X Yamapi said that he’s only alone when he’s in the toilet. Whether he’s joking or not we’re not sure, but Mr X says Yamapi getting tired of it. What is the reason for this strict surveillance?

He was photographed clubbing with Akanishi Jin towards the end of last year. At that time, a notice was circulated in the office to warn its talent from mixing with Akanishi Jin. The photo triggered management’s anger.

Of course, if his career after leaving NEWS was smooth sailing, this surveillance thing wouldn’t have been necessary. But except for his first single “Ai, Texas” which managed to grab No.1, the subsequent singles and album, including the most recent “Que Sera Sera” only managed a No.2.

“It’s because his solo career isn’t moving anywhere, and yet he’s having fun with his friends and breaking the rules,” said Mr. X

Even though Johnny-san is telling him to move forward on his own, Ms Iijima thinks that something must be done.

“Even his MC position on Generation Tengoku was somehow secured with Iijima’s power, so there must be some sort of results to come out from it,” said Mr X

“The other MC Imada Koji is doing well in hosting the show, the program itself is interesting, and ratings are stable, so Yamapi’s value to the show is rather low,” said staff from TV station.

However, this is a new chance for Yamapi to shine. With the rumors of upcoming drama in July, if he wants to regain his freedom, he will have to show some results for all these activities.

source : here

I just read this and poor him and Jin :/

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