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Dutch duo about Tegomass covering their song

On May 24, the Dutch musical duo 'Speelman & Speelman' were invited to the very popular Dutch talkshow 'De Wereld Draait Door' to talk about a very special cover of their song. The Japanese duo Tegomass had a number 2 hit with 'Neko Chudoku' -- a Japanese version of their song 'De Wereld Wordt Gered' (The World is Being Saved).

The duo talked about getting a call asking if a Japanese boyband could make a cover of their song 5 years ago. Now, 5 years later, they were informed that their song is a hit on the Japanese charts. Their original version of the song is about stuck-ups and rich people, the Japanese version is about 'addiction to cats'. The duo said that it'd be funny if they'd get rich because of a song about rich people.

They mentioned how they were in stitches when they first heard the Japanese song. But the duo and popular Dutch tv-host Paul de Leeuw praised the Japanese for being so neat to ask if they could do a cover of the song and properly crediting the duo. 'They could've just used the song, without you ever knowing they did' mentioned de Leeuw. During the talk segment the duo also performed a part of the original Dutch song and they showed Tegomass' Japanese version. You can watch the complete talk segment with English subtitles in the Youtube video.

A full version of the Dutch song can be heard here

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