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Sho Sakurai talks about his differences with his family

* On FujiTV's TokuDane!
* Sho Sakurai sent his resume to Johnny's 'on a whim' which led to his debut.
* "When I came home one day, my resume was on the living room table. My parents told me, 'What is this, we haven't heard of this!'. I kept my application a secret from my parents, and of course they got mad at me."
* "Whenever I visited my grandparents' house, they would always ask me when I'd quit, and my parents would just keep silent about it."
* "I also thought that I'd probably stop at some point. I was thinking that I'd probably quit Johnny's Jr. when I was about 17 or 18. Well, I liked what I was doing and was treating it as something like an extra-curricular club activity."
* "Even when we became Arashi, my family never attended our concerts. But there was a time when I held a solo concert when I was 22 or 23 and asked them in the living room, 'I have a concert this weekend, can you come?'. They then said, 'maybe we should'. I remember that scene pretty well. I think that was the time they finally accepted me. They've been coming to our concerts ever since."

I bet his dad couldn't stand his son's weird rapping

Well, someone like Sakurai could have just gone on with college even if he didn't make his showbiz debut. But it was pretty risky if he did anything else.

I think Sho-kun isn't that skillful.
I bet he's really smart, but he's the type who works hard.

He's got a habit of getting really mad at his fans, right?
I get this feeling that he's carrying some dark baggage with him.

Well, the Johnny's fangirls are all pretty crazy, and they can't really sue them since this is their business.

His dad even developed him by letting him enroll in Keio University's Yochisha (elementary school). It's just natural that they got disappointed at him.

If I were an idol, I wouldn't want my parents coming to my concert. I'd say "What the f*ck are you doing here! Die, scum!"

Is it true that the porn actress whom the other 4 members of Arashi banged didn't make any advances to Sakurai?

His dad is this high level executive, right?
I bet he has a lover.

His dad's a bureaucrat, and the chief at that. Then his mom's a university professor. His sister works at NTV, right? He really has a pretty decent family.

He's marketed as someone who grew up with a good background and graduated from Keio. But he's being treated well by other Keio graduates and is treated differently from the other Johnny's members. His academic background sure has become a treasure for him.

He's really a good guy

But he's getting a lot of jobs at NTV due to his dad's authority, right?

I wonder if someone with a background this good can really coexist with other celebrities in showbiz.

I don't know if everyone in Arashi are rich kids, but I think all of them also had good backgrounds, so they probably get along really well.

But I bet the parents wouldn't want their son to be some sort of freelancer, so they would still do things behind the scenes.

He totally looks like a serious man after seeing the likes of Nishikido and Akanishi

Even Takuya Kimura's dad was against him being in showbiz during the early stages of SMAP, right? But unlike Arashi, SMAP wasn't popular at all at that time.

Of course, each station will treat him well. He's the son of a beaurocrat who's got the throat of the entire showbiz world at the tip of his fingers.

KAT-TUN were the ones who graduated Waseda University through correspondence education, right? That's really awesome. I wanted some sort of qualification now that I'm working and started getting a correspondence course, but it's really tough. It was much, much, much easier when I was going to the university.

Oh, so his parents were against it, huh. I always thought that he was liberated and was allowed to do anything he wanted.

Sakurai is just an extreme case, but everyone in Arashi actually comes from a decent (rather, normal) family.

His parents didn't attend their concerts, but I bet they pulled some strings behind the scenes.

Well, any parent in his or her right mind wouldn't want their child entering showbiz after all.

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