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Kamen Teacher gets drama, cast includes Kis-My-Ft2's Fujigaya

The title might be familiar to some, if you follow Tooru Fujisawa – the creator behind the evergreen manga series, GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka). Kamen Teacher will now become a drama, set to air this July in Japan.

Main cast: Fujigaya Taisuke (left), Aya Oomasa (right)

Starring in this highly anticipated drama series is Fujigaya Taisuke, member of Kis-MyFt2. This will be Fujigaya’s first time challenging the Tokusatsu genre, the role of a teacher and motorcycle stunts on set. Despite what seems like a triple challenge for him, he expressed that he liked masked heroes when he was young and seems really enthusiastic and earnest about portraying the main character – Gota Araki. Despite this being his first role as a teacher, Fujigaya is not new to dramas at all. He has acted in various dramas such as, the Japanese version of Ikemen desu ne/You are Beautiful (2011), Misaki number 1!! (2011), Risou no musuko (2012), Priceless (2012)...

Aya Oomasa will be acting as the English teacher in this drama. She has also starred in the same drama as Fujigaya- ‘Misaki number 1!!’ . She has won best supporting actress in the 13th Annual Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix for Best Supporting Actress in drama, Yamamoto Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. And of course, what is a high school delinquent drama without a ringleader? The ringleader will be acted by Sexy Zone’s Fuma Kikuchi. This drama also features other members from Johnny’s Jr.- Jesse Lewis, Taiga Kyomoto and Yuuta Kishi.

Regarding working with the other members of the same management company, Fujigaya has expressed that despite that he is not very good in talking to the junior members in his company, he wishes to become a admirable senior just like how his character, Araki Gota is to his students.

Producer Hiroyuki Ueno commented that the production team intends to produce a new kind of hero never before seen in dramas. So they decided on using up and rising star Fujigaya to portray this hero and thus offered him the role of the main character.

Kamen Teacher follows main character Gota Araki as he is assigned to a new high school to teach class 2C- the most notorious class in the school. Naturally, he did not receive the warmest of welcome from the students. Despite the beating he got on the first day, he did not want to use the power of the mask to teach the students a lesson. However, for the sake of changing these tough students for the better, he took the mask in hand and another classic tale of teacher versus delinquents unfolds…

This drama will set to air on July 6, every Saturday night at 12:50 AM JST.

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I liked Kamen Teacher as much as GTO, and the cast makes it even better!
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