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6:11 pm - 05/30/2013

1st Image From Live-Action Kiki's Delivery Service Surfaces

The first still image from the upcoming live-action adaptation of Eiko Kadono's popular children's novel series Majo no Takkyūbin was released in Japan on Friday. The image features 16-year-old Fūka Koshiba as the young witch Kiki, the character made famous by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's 1989 anime film adaptation Kiki's Delivery Service. The live-action film adaptation is slated to open in Japan in spring 2014.

Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge/Juon, Tomie: Rebirth) is directing the film. Koshiba, an accomplished figure skater (she can perform the triple loop jump), was chosen from 35,390 candidates in the "Girls Audition 2011" competition. She then made her acting debut as the sister of actress Emi Takei (Rurouni Kenshin) in the 2012 television series Iki mo Dekinai Natsu. She was chosen from an audition of about 500 for Majo no Takkyūbin, her first film role. Satoko Okudera (Summer Wars, Wolf Children, The Princess and the Pilot) is writing the script for the film.

The six novel volumes of Majo no Takkyūbin follow the coming of age of Kiki with her black cat Jiji. They have sold 1.8 million copies and have been translated into eight languages, including English, Italian, Chinese, Swedish, and Korean. Despite the fact that both films adapt the same 1985-2009 novel series, this live-action film has no direct connection to the Ghibli anime film. The anime adapted the first novel volume, while the live-action film will cover the first two volumes.

Annick Press published the first novel with an English translation by Lynne E. Riggs in 2003. That same year, Buena Vista Home Entertainment/Disney released Ghibli's film on DVD in North America.


Are you guys excited for this? I never saw the Ghibi movie, oop at me~
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adjeng_allzoun 31st-May-2013 02:33 am (UTC)
k0dama 31st-May-2013 02:52 am (UTC)
I had the same hokey cheesy fears about the sailor moon live action, but it was understandably cheesy because of its intended tv audience
asaphira_sachi 30th-May-2013 11:44 pm (UTC)
Thing is I've never read the original novel, and therefore I don't know how close the Ghibli movie was to the book. All I know is that the Ghibli movie itself was entertaining and well-done, so I hope the movie will also be good on its own too. So I guess I am excited.
norringtons 31st-May-2013 04:31 am (UTC)
It wasn't really close to the book. The book had no real major plot, and was instead episodic, looking into Kiki's daily life. The movie gave it an actual major plot.
seramalinya 30th-May-2013 11:51 pm (UTC)
Could be cool.
(The costume is cute, I think.)
love_keiko 31st-May-2013 12:37 am (UTC)
ooooo! cant wait!
neo_valkyrie 31st-May-2013 01:29 am (UTC)
I just hope the flying scenes look decent.
curisuti 31st-May-2013 01:59 am (UTC)
So it'll have an extended story compared to the Ghibli film?
EXCITED!! Will be fun to see a different interpretation after over 10 years :)
prismboy 31st-May-2013 04:21 am (UTC)

My heart... all these emotions.

Please... please don't fuck this up.
norringtons 31st-May-2013 04:32 am (UTC)
I'm terrified and yet really excited for this.

Wondering what a Spirited Away live action film would look like.

....on second thought, never mind....
a_cheshire_grin 31st-May-2013 09:51 am (UTC)
Wondering what a Spirited Away live action film would look like.

I hope we will NEVER find this out! o.O
ladysummer664 31st-May-2013 05:01 am (UTC)
im kinda exicted for this hope it get eng subbed/dubbed
a_cheshire_grin 31st-May-2013 09:50 am (UTC)
"Kiki's Delivery Service" is one of my favourite "Studio Ghibli" movies. The pic doesn't look bad, but I need to see more to judge!
exdream1999 31st-May-2013 12:27 pm (UTC)
It'll be cool to see another interpretation of Kiki, especially if they're not going to try and make it Ghibli-like.

And, to see more of the story, that'll be really cool!!

I wonder how they're going to do Jiji?? CGI? Real cat with CGI elements?? Well they turn him into a stuffed cat that can talk, despite not having a moving mouth??

And OMG, the post about this that just went up on ONTD, the amount of people who think it's an adaption of the Ghibli movie. Guess they never learned reading is FUNdamental.

myharu 31st-May-2013 04:26 pm (UTC)
yeah, no one reads on ONTD lol most of the time they just read the title and comment
izumi_ixa 31st-May-2013 01:41 pm (UTC)
I saw cosplays better that this xD

Anyway, I'll wait for the Movie ^^
hourglass244 31st-May-2013 02:48 pm (UTC)
I'm so excited for this!! I loved the anime. I just hope they can do it justice as a live-action.
kushina 31st-May-2013 06:55 pm (UTC)
Excitedddd~ This is one of my favourite Ghibli films.
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