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Arashi Teams-Up with Young Directors for Special Show

Last May 21st, Arashi attended the production press conference for Fuji TV’s “Atarashi Arashi“. The 2-part special program will feature each Arashi member team-up with five young directors to plan a program with different theme. During the said conference, each director also styled their Arashi partner and Ninomiya Kazunari stood-out with his yellow shirt and black shorts. The hall heaped-up when Ninomiya said, “Cameraman-san is focusing at my panchira!”.

For the TV program, each member will have to work with their designated director on their assigned project. Ohno Satoshi (san ni) will focus on “mischief”; Sakurai Sho (san chi) on “real face”; Aiba Masaki (san zero) on “gourmet”; Ninomiya on “comedy”; and Matsumoto Jun (ni kyu) on “challenge”.

Sakurai was pleased when he learned about his assignment, “real face”, “it’s a chance to increase friendships within the entertainment world that seem so little”. Sakurai will be spending a day with a stranger for his project.

Ohno, who will be doing graffitti for his “mischief” project, looks forward to seeing Matsumoto losing into pressure for his “challenge”. Matsumoto must keep his cool and maintain his handsomeness despite the ultimate pressure.

Aiba is full of enthusiasm for his gourmet tour and because he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, he was hoping to do some long-term Hawaiian vacation.

Lastly, Ninomiya’s project will be “comedy” where he will be performing a short comedy skit with two female entertainers.

The first broadcast of “Atarashi Arashi” will be on July 13th (11:30PM, JST) and on July 20th (11:40PM, JST).

Daily Sports, Sanspo, Chunichi, and Nikkan Sports

credits MIKU via Jnewseng

Nino's get up XD
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