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Kumamon mascot to visit France

Kumamon, the official black bear mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, will visit France in July to take part in the Japan Expo, local officials said Monday.

Kumamon, one of Japan’s most popular regional promotional mascots, will be making its European debut at the culture and entertainment festival, slated to run from July 4 to 7 in the suburbs of Paris, the officials said.

The mascot is scheduled to dance to Kumamon songs on stage. His profile on the site:

Birthplace: Kumamoto prefecture
Birthday: March 12 (surprise!)
Gender: he is no “male” but a “boy”
Character: mischievous and very curious
Best friends: governor Kabashima and publicity manager from Kumamoto prefecture, Suzanne
Specialties: gymnastics by Kumamon, finding surprising things and sharing them
Job: so far, civil servant. Appointed commercial manager by Kumamoto governor, he spreads the good aspects, attractions and surprises awaiting the visitors in Kumamoto!
Distinctive features: desire to make people happy


I hope that one day Kumamon notices me. French Arama ppl, please go and take pictures of my dearly beloved for me ;a;

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