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AKB48 G+ Staff are Collecting Fan Messages for 32nd Senbatsu Election

The AKB48 senbatsu election is this Saturday and the G+ management team released a statement informing fans how they can send messages to their oshimen.  The messages will be streamed on a special program that airs before the senbatsu election.

The election will be streamed on AKB48's official YouTube channel @ 17:30 (5:30) JST

Taken from AKB48's official g+ account

AKB48 General Election
June 8th (Sat) Starting from 5 : 15 PM(Japan Time)
YouTube Special Program Live Streaming with Fan Participation through Google+!
We are collecting messages addressed to candidate members that will be introduced in the special program. Please apply your message!

AKB48 Group, the culmination of one year.
Let's deliver your passion to the members through Google+ and YouTube!

[ Message Application Guideline ]

On the day of AKB48 General Election, during the special program which will be live streamed on YouTube AKB48 Official Channel!, cheering messages will be picked up on the screen.

☆Apply by Text or Image on Google+☆

Please find a Google+ community dedicated to post cheering / congratulating messages, so called “AKB48 General Election Messages for Members”. Post a text message or photo attached message. In addition, please include a specific member’s name in your message.

☆Apply by Video on YouTube☆

Step 1:
Record 5-15 seconds message and upload the video on your own channel on YouTube. Please address a member clearly.

Step 2:
When apply by posting on YouTube, please follow the title format. “Oshimen Message ○○○○○(member’s name)”
*Oshimen message means a message addressed to your favorite member.

☆Application Period☆

June 4th (Tue) 9 : 00 PM(Japan Time) to June 8th (Sat) until the special program ends

* Sample Videos
- Post 5 seconds one-phrase message with your friends or family.
- Post 15 seconds passionate message for your favorite member.
See an example : 推しメッセージ 大島優子

* In the program, account names will be used along messages. Please kindly understand that all the posted messages will not be introduced in the program.
* Please refrain from photos / videos of AKB48 members that could infringe on portrait rights and inappropriate messages. Any relevant posts may be deleted.
* In the case that inappropriate messages and comments are continuously observed, the community may be deleted.

G+ Management Team


I'm so ready for this, not going to get any sleep that night and I hope a lot of crying gifs come out of this. Hmm..I wonder what I should write to Mariko...
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