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Matsuyuki Yasuko to play a police commissioner in the movie version of "ATARU"

Matsuyuki Yasuko will play the role of a police commissioner who wears a prosthetic leg and has to move around in a wheelchair in the upcoming movie "Gekijouban ATARU" starring Nakai Masahiro. This is the first time in 9 years since the two last worked together. Matsuyuki's character is the person-in-charge for the investigation of a serial bombing case and seriously doubts Ataru's (Nakai) ability.

As her character lost her left leg due to an accident during an investigation operation, Matsuyuki had to learn more about prosthetic legs and train herself to move around in a wheelchair and while wearing the prosthetic leg. Filming for her part began last month.

Nakai and Matsuyuki are of the same age and coincidentally made their debut in the same year i.e. 1991. They had last worked together in the 1996 FujiTV drama "Shouri no Megami" as colleagues of a cram school and 2004's TBS drama "Suna no Utsuwa" as a murderer and stage actress who become lovers. With regard to this, Matsuyuki commented that it seems like there is always a gap of 8 years before she and Nakai gets to work together again so she feels as if she's meeting an old friend when they reunite and looks forward to having an acting battle with him onscreen.

Co-stars in the film also include Kuriyama Chiaki, Kitamura Kazuki and Horikita Maki.

Source: Sanspo / Sanspo, doramaworld
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