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Johnny’s New Image Strategy- Nakajima Kento as Featured in Meiji’s Student Pamphlet

Since more younger Johnny’s talents has been going to college, the agency has found this a new way to improved the image of their talents…

As reported,

Last April 2012, Sexy Zone‘s Nakajima Kento has started attending Meiji Gakuin University where he was able to juggle work and studies. Knowing Johnny’s (selfish) rule that images of his talents can only appear in official Johnny’s publications, good, items, etc, fans were surprised to see Nakajima picture on Meiji Gakuin University guidance pamphlet 2014. The said pamphlet was being given to incoming students of the said university.

Aside from Nakajima’s father who also graduated from the said university, Nakajima chose Meiji Gakuin because of it’s charm despite being small, and he chose Sociology because he would like to study society mechanisms through music and acting.

Furthermore, Nakajima’s father also commented in the said pamphlet, “Since I now speak as an alumni [to my son], communication between parents and child is important”, he also added that he and his wife are behind Nakajima with his entertainment activities.

“Johnny’s may become tolerant in cooperating with the school if it would help his talent. However, this case is also exceptional since Nakajima’s father is also involved. Maybe they are aiming to make Nakajima as an ad pillar for school,” according to a reporter who claims to know a lot about Johnny’s.

Cyzo Woman via Johnny’s Watcher

credit MIKU via JEnewseng

w/e w/ this but it's Nakakenty & his own awesomess, must team up w/ Fuma who is in Keio lol
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