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Meisa out celebrating birthday alone; Jin at home with the baby

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As reported by Josei Seven,

On the last day of performance of the stage play Meiji-Za "May star Kabuki" starring Ichikawa, Nakamura Kankuro, Nakamura Shichinosuke II and Kataoka, the theater was packed with many people even though it was on a week day.  Standing in the lobby of the theater was a very notable woman clad in black leather jacket and white lacy linen top with Chanel bag in hand.  The beautiful woman was Kuroki Meisa.  It was the day before her 25th birthday on May 28.  She was invited to celebrate her birthday with the  cast at a high class Chinese restaurant in Tokyo.  There was no sight of husband Akanishi Jin (28) or beloved baby daughter born last September.  Meisa's birthday party was intended to include husband also but Mr. Babysitter could not be found anywhere near the party.

Earlier in March, Josei Seven has reported Jin could not completely turn into a child-rearing man since moving back to Tokyo in December because he has so many friends who want to hang out and drink with him at night.  And Meisa's mom had to come up to Tokyo from Okinawa to help taking care of the baby.  When Josei Seven caught the couple out on a shopping date in Roppongi Hills in mid-April (as pictured above), the baby was nowhere to be seen but the couple looked like they're enjoying themselves very much on a date.   Things have been changed around recently,  Jin has become a child-rearing man, taking care of the baby completely and Meisa is really appreciating that.

Currently, Meisa is in NHK drama "Yae no Sakura" and TBS drama "TAKE FIVE".  Work and child care leaving her with no time for herself.  She's just taking a breather to step out for her birthday.   Meisa left the restaurant at 11 o'clock to return home to waiting husband and child.  Before leaving, she ordered some take out dishes to bring home for Jin.  She said she wanted to rush home before the food gets cold.

Source: geinou-7days , entameblog.seesaa.net translated by me
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