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Aiba Masaki, Mizukawa Asami, marriage countdown! Back together, marriage information emerged!

Aiba Masaki has purchased a luxury apartment for 150 million yen.  Marriage rumor with Mizukawa Asami has surfaced.  The said luxurious apartment is in a residential street where many celebrities are residing and is a designer's aparment.  Purchasing a home like that at the age of 30 only means one thing:  he wants to get married!

With dramas, CMs, tours, Aiba's annual income could exceed 100 million yen easily.  Who is the marriage partner?  Rumor has it Aiba and one-time girlfriend Mizukawa Asami have gotten back together after her drama "Sharehouse" flopped in single digit.  She needed Aiba's encouragement and comfort and that lead to the two of them getting back together.

Doesn't Johnny's have a rule that only one person can get married per group?  There are only six married Johnny's at present:  Masahiko Kondou, Noriyuki Higashiyama, Tatsuya Yamaguchi, Takuya Kimura, Inohara  and Jin Akanishi.  How do they know who can get married in the group?  If the rumor is true, Aiba is the closest to get married in Arashi.

Source: geino2news.seesaa.net  translated by me
Tags: actor/actress, aiba masaki, rumors

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