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Oguri Shun to play a deceased husband in new drama 'Woman'

Actor Oguri Shun will be appearing in the upcoming NTV drama 'Woman' starring Mitsushima Hikari.

It's the first time for Mitsushima and Oguri to work together. She plays the single-mother 'Aoyagi Koharu' and he portrays her deceased husband named 'Shin'. The script is written by Sakamoto Yuji ('Mother', 'Saikou no Rikon') and follows the difficult life of Koharu after being left alone with their two children.

Oguri's character, Shin, used to be a venturesome mountain climber and traveled the world to find new challenges. He settled down after meeting Koharu and got married, having two children and leading to Shin's decision to stop mountain climbing. He found himself a more mundane and less dangerous job - only to fall victim to a whim of fate and losing his life in an unexpected accident.

The first episode of 'Woman' will air on July 3.

Source: Mainichi , Tokyo Hive
Tags: drama, oguri shun

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