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MAXIMUM THE HORMONE reveals the details on their 1st album in 6 years

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE will release a new album "Yoshu Fukushu" on July 31st! It will be their first album in about 6 years since their last one "Bu-ikikaesu" that sold over 400,000 copies.

The album will be comprised of 15 tracks including "A-L-I-E-N", "Benjo Sandal Dance", "Chu2 The Beam", and "Mesubuta no Ketsu ni Binta (Kick mo)."

The album will come with a 156-page book with "Yoshu Fukushu" descriptions which contains a dialogue style track-by-track rundown for all 15 songs by Maximum The Ryo-kun. It also includes 5 manga stories by professional manga artists that exposes Ryo-kun's inner world. Maximum The Ryo-kun is in charge of its scripts, and he also serves as the executive producer for the manga.

Below is the track list for "Yoshu Fukushu" and the teaser video.


"Yoshu Fukushu"

1.Yoshu Fukushu [Our Merciless Home'war'k]
2. Bluetiful Intro:Tsukino Bakugeki-ki
3. Utsukushikihitobitonouta [Ode to Bluetiful People]
4. Benjo Sandal Dance [Toilet Sandal Dance]
5. Chu2 The Beam [8th Grader Beam]
6. "F"
7. Tsume Tsume Tsume
8. Rock Oreimairi~3 Chords de Omae Fullbocco~ . [Rocking Retaliation: Beat the Hell out of You with 3 Chords]
9. Unbelievable!: Swomints Hockeleiro Mifeho
10. A-L-I-E-N
11. my girl
12. Mesubuta no Ketsu ni Binta(Kick mo) [Bitch Ass Slapping: and Kicking]
13. Beauty Killosseum
14. maximum the hormone
15. Koino Sperm [Amorous Sperm]


It's great their trying to be relevent again, Daisuke's face kinda got gross tho...

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