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Leaving AKB48 a richer woman: Shinoda Mariko talks about future activities after graduation

On TBS's music program "Kayou-Kyoku!" which was live broadcasted on June 11th, AKB48 member Shinoda Mariko talked about her future activities after her graduation.

As we reported back on the 8th, Shinoda announced her graduation from the group next month while at the event for the vote count results for AKB48 32nd Single Senbatsu General Election, in which she was ranked 5th.

On the show, Shinoda explained that her activities after graduation will be mainly fashion related works, as she said, "Things I want to do started to change. I love fashion, and enjoy modeling."

When SMAP's Nakai Masahiro, who serves as the MC for the show, asked if she was willing to continue singing, Shinoda answered him with the comment, "I will not do any singing activity."

Shinoda will be graduating from AKB48 after the group's live concert at Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome which is scheduled to be held on July 21st. However, since AKB48's 32nd single (title unknown) is set for release in August and Shinoda was ranked 5th place in the election, she is one of the Senbatsu members to sing the upcoming single.

Regarding the matter, she said that she would be participating in its music video, since the filming would be held this month, and would also be a part of other promotional activities until July 21st.


Don't quit singing without giving me a Nakai x Mariko duet single, money and ear bleeding for all! I'll miss her trolling and A-level photoshop. Maybe when some ppl graduate they can ask to work for her brand lol
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