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PERFUME - Blu-Ray Release, Full youtube MVs, All singles on itunes, Global Project #003

Perfume is set to release six of their live DVDs in Blu-Ray in one go!

The following live DVDs will be re-released on August 14:

☆ Fan Service [bitter] (Normal Edition): CDJapan
☆ Perfume First Tour “GAME”: CDJapan
☆ Perfume “BUDOKaaaaaaaaaaN!!!!!”: CDJapan
☆ Perfume Second Tour “Chokkaku Nitouhen Sankakkei TOUR”: CDJapan
☆ Perfume LIVE @ Tokyo Dome “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11”: CDJapan
☆ Perfume 3rd Tour “JPN”: CDJapan

Only the live DVD itself, not the extra disk from both the Tokyo Dome and JPN lives will be in Blu-Ray, and as first press bonus, enclosed in each CD will be a sticker featuring the jacket cover photograph. Note: Currently, and contrary to what was announced on the official site, it has been noted only first press editions of Perfume 3rd Tour “JPN” will contain the first press bonus. Please check CDJapan in the meantime for the status on other items.

In other news, from June 19, music videos starting from Linear Motor Girl and subsequent title songs will be available in full on Perfume’s Official YouTube! What’s more, on the same date all singles from the aforementioned title will begin to be sequentially released via iTunes!

Perfume Global Site Project #003 has finally been unveiled!

The new project features a drawing board on which you can create patterns to be displayed on a 3D model of Perfume doing their introduction. For the technically savvy, an option to program is also available. One finished you can upload your creation or check out the works of many others.

There is also currently a new “counter” of sorts that is filling up as more drawings are being made. What will this lead too? We’ll find out when we reach the goal!

Also the 30000 tweet goal was successfully reached! A download link was promptly presented with texture-less 3D models of the girls.

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