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Shiina Pikarin Makes Guest Appearance On Popular French Japanese-Culture Show “Japan in Motion”

Shiina Pikarin is to make a guest appearance on “Japan in Motion”, a popular program on French CATV network NOLIFE, which delivers the newest information on Japan that are not offered in guidebooks, from popular tourist destinations and J-POP, to fashion and subculture.

Piikarin appears as a master of the Japanese “Ita” culture, introducing popular “Ita” items and services with the MC, Natsuko Aso.
“Ita” culture is a subculture unique to Japan that applies 2D characters to personal items such as cars and accessories, a fad particularly among anime otaku.

The episode, in which Shiina Pikarin makes a guest appearance, is to go on air on June 25th within the show “Japan in Motion” on the French network NOLIFE before being broadcasted in Japan. (Broadcast schedule in Japan is July 16th.)

Tags: international media, model, tv: variety show

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