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Additional cast members for upcoming drama 'LIMIT' revealed

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It has been revealed that former AKB48 member Masuda Yuka will make an appearance on TV Tokyo's upcoming drama "LIMIT".

"LIMIT" is a live-action drama adaptation of Suenobu Keiko's popular manga. The protagonist is a high school girl named "Konno Mizuki". One day, Mizuki's class goes on a field trip, but on the way there, their bus falls off a cliff in the mountains. Only five girls including Mizuki survive the accident. They are injured, lost in the mountains, and no one is coming to rescue them anytime soon. Pushed to their limits, the girls are forced to switch into survival mode and to lay bare their innermost feelings.

Last month, it was already announced that actress Sakuraba Nanami would play the protagonist, and three of the four other girls would be played by Tsuchiya Tao, Kudo Ayano, and Yamashita Rio.

Now Masuda has been added as the fifth girl who survives the accident, named "Usui Chikage". Regarding her role, Masuda said, "I felt a little anxious about if I would be able to play this role when I read the manga, as the character is like the exact opposite of me. However, after the filming started, I feel that I could become Chikage-chan little by little while getting help from other cast members. I hope the viewers could see Chikage being similar to the original manga."

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Other cast members announced along with Masuda include, Suzuki Katsuhiro (as "Hinata Haruaki", a classmate of Mizuki), Kubota Masataka (as "Igarashi Wataru", assistant teacher of Mizuki's class *original character for the drama), and Watanabe Ikkei (as "Konno Hirokazu", Mizuki's father).

"LIMIT" will begin airing on July 12th (every Friday at 12:12 am).


I did not know Limit was getting a drama. Great manga by one of my fave mangaka ever, you might know her as the mangaka of 'LIFE', which was also made into a drama. Glad to see Yuttan getting a role, if it follows the manga she should get a decent amount of screentime since the cast is so small.
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