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PERFUME - Live Viewing Event Expanded as far as Los Angeles & Daijobanai Live Fancam

Perfume’s Live Viewing Event Expands as far as Los Angeles

During the Great Britain stop of Perfume’s upcoming WORLD TOUR 2nd tour, fans in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, and Los Angeles can also see Perfume through live viewing. It was announced earlier that Japanese fans can catch the live viewing through select cinemas, however, further details with regards to international fans are yet to be revealed. Those who are interested, please keep an eye on the Live Viewing site for more information regarding venues (the blue button brings up a pop-up list of participating venues). Of course, please note that schedules will vary country by country.

Article at natalie.mu (in Japanese): [x]

☆ Site for Perfume WORLD TOUR 2nd Live Viewing (in English, Chinese, and Japanese): [x]
☆ LA Gathering Facebook Event [x]

Perfume also performed at Ultra Music Festival Korea 2013 today!
1. Spending all my time
2. Laser Beam
3. Magic of Love
4. Hurly Burly
5. Daijobanai
-P.T.A. Corner-
7. Spring of Life
8. Chocolate Disco

Daijobanai Live (Video and Audio Edited)
Originals [x] [x]

Magic of Love (Album-mix??) Short ver.

P.T.A. Corner (Teeth Brushing Song, We Will Rock You, survival dAnce, and Ultra Soul)

Source: [x]
The Daijobanai dance is SLAYING. And the WE WILL ROCK YOU was just too damn cute. <3
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